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MetWatch Online is a paid subscription service for horticultural growers of all industries, pipfruit, summerfruit, grapes, etc. Inside are unique climate, forecast, pest and disease model information that can assist you in making decisions for better management of your crops for quality and value. Climate and forecast data is constantly updated throughout the day which means you always have the latest information available.

MetWatch Online uses the climate data from the HortPlus weather station network, which covers the majority of the horticultural regions in New Zealand. Take a look at the map for more specific information on where the weather stations are situated. Weather station map


  • A graphical display of weather data and disease risk that is easy to understand and interpret.
  • MetWatch Online can help you to document the decision making process - helping you to meet requirements of various Integrated Production programs and EurepGAP.
  • Flexible format that allows the user to change the number of days displayed, the canopy-drying period, leaf wetness thresholds, heat unit accumulation threshold and other options specific to each disease model.
  • Hourly and daily weather summaries in table and graph format including heat unit accumulations, rainfall accumulations, and chill hours.
  • You can login from any internet connected computer, this means you only need the one subscription for home and the office.

For more information on the MetWatch Online service and pricing details, visit the HortPlus website - www.hortplus.com.